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Har-Bal Dynamics Processor Har-Bal™ new thinking, new directions… Welcome to Har-Bal Dynamics Processor, the plugin software that introduces transient limiting and automated delay [...]

Har-Bal Dynamics Processor

One major issue with recording, particularly in the near field, is the issue of large and unwanted transient material. Some of that issue in historical recordings was simply handled by recording [...]

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How come the price for Har-Bal is so low since it works so well? You people should charge more for your program like everyone else. People are going to think it is cheap.

Why?? Software does not have to be expensive to be good. After all you are downloading the file from our servers. Our overhead is decreased thus allowing us to can pass the savings on to our [...]

I heard that Har-Bal will allow you to adjust a sound at any point in the frequency spectrum to infinity at any direction.

That is correct. You can drag your screen view in any direction to infinity. You can return the screen to its original state by going to the menu and clicking on Graph/Zoom all or right clicking [...]

Can I analyze a “source” (like my favorite CD) and also my “destination” (my latest mix) and then “morph”? Or is the “source” always the same, something that provides for the best end result?

That depends upon what you consider as morphing. What Har-Bal does is analyze and display the average spectrum energy of the entire track. You can overlay the average spectrum of a reference [...]

Where exactly does Har-Bal fit into the mastering process?

Har-Bal is ideal for insuring that the spectral image on your track is ideal for the genre you are currently working on. You can also use to check the overall spectral balance of your track after [...]

Looks like a Steinberg Free Filter rip-off to me!

Not anymore! Har-Bal 2.3 did similar things to the Free Filter plugin but with significant differences. Har-Bal 3 does things Free Filter cannot do : track splitting and complex filters, mid-side [...]

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