What type of guarantee do you offer to back up your claims?

A 30 day (no questions asked) money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

What is the policy on upgrades?

I think there is room for improvement in this program and I hear upgrades are on the way. What happens if I purchase the software and find an upgrade comes out a few weeks later? Will I be [...]

What is the cost or policy on upgrades?

The introductory offer includes the same level of free upgrades as the full price. Our upgrade policy is to provide free upgrades of minor revisions and improvements and paid upgrades for major [...]

I run a recording studio in South America, and became very interested in Har-Bal for doing “client mix versions” before sending the material to the mastering facility. Is there any demo version which I can test so I can verify if it will fulfil what I need?

There is a demo player application with filters to demonstrate the capabilities of Har-Bal that you can obtain below: https://www.har-bal.com/example-filters If you want to be able to demo it on [...]

Hi, I bought Har-bal not to long ago and paid $175, now I see it is $125. Is it possible you can match the price and refund the difference?

Price matching will be honored only if the customer makes a request within 14 days of purchase.

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