Can I analyze a “source” (like my favorite CD) and also my “destination” (my latest mix) and then “morph”? Or is the “source” always the same, something that provides for the best end result?

That depends upon what you consider as morphing. What Har-Bal does is analyze and display the average spectrum energy of the entire track. You can overlay the average spectrum of a reference [...]

Can the EQ be used in a subtractive way to remove noise?

No, you should always use a noise filter first.

Please tell me what is supposed to happen when i press the tab key and then left-mouse-click on the green line in select mode? I did this and nothing happened!

What will happen is the focus of the gain cursor will change from one plot to another. That is, when you first use it the trace that the gain cursor attaches itself to is the green one. If you [...]

Can I create and save presets?

It depends on what you mean by a preset. The notion of a preset in the popular sense does not exist in Har-Bal and for good reason. We have found through extensive testing that while you can make [...]

When making adjustments while playing a file, does the filter re-filter immediately or do you have to hit stop / toggle the EQ button or something?

During playback edits can be made and the change will be heard after the filter updates. The time it takes to update depends upon the speed of your machine and the complexity of the filter. When [...]

I clicked on the Pan Cursor and moved my song from my view and now I can’t get it back or see it anymore. What am I suppose to do now?

Go to the toolbar on the menu and click on “graph/zoom all” or right click anywhere on the graph and click on “zoom all”. This will return your view as it looked initially.

Can I harbalize individual instruments?

The answer in short is yes, you can Harbalize individual instruments but the references supplied with the product will be of no use for this purpose, basically because the spectrum with an [...]

There are too many lines in Har-Bal and I only want to see the green line.

Har-Bal is completely configurable. Go to Graph/Options and change whichever line you don’t want to see to the background color. This will cause the line to disappear. You can also toggle the [...]

Which sound card driver is Har-Bal using? I do not see an option in Har-Bal to choose.

Click on Option/Driver and choose your sound card. HarBal supports ASIO, DirectX and multimedia drivers.

How can you tell if your tracks are level?

Within Har-Bal you can check your level by looking at the bottom right of your program. It is the second set of numbers from the right (Track power figure of merit). This is how you can check the [...]

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