Improved vocal track with Har-Bal

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Improved vocal track with Har-Bal

Postby brubart » Mon Apr 02, 2007 1:34 pm

While working on an album with a singer/songwriter, I noticed that the vocal in one song sounded tonally strange for whatever reason. Har-Bal fixed it. Here's how:

1. I exported the strange-sounding vocal track as a wave file.
2. I opened another song project where the vocal sounded good, and exported the good vocal track as a wave file.
3. I opened the strange vocal wave file in Har-Bal, opened the good vocal wave file as a reference, and used Har-Bal to match the strange-vocal spectrum to the good-vocal spectrum. I recorded the result.
4. I imported the Har-Bal eq'd vocal file into the original project, and it sounded much better. Thanks!

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Postby zumbido » Thu Aug 30, 2007 6:08 am

Yes indeed!

I've been working on a project whereas the vocals were recorded at another studio. The artist is making a few 'changes' to these previously recorded vocals by recording the changes at my studio.

Of course, with the different room, mic and other variables, these 'new' vocals sound different.

I just put them into Har-Bal, reference the new with the old and "viola!" they now sound the same.

The only bad aspect is that the 'new' vocals actually have a better sound than the old ones. I guess I could flip the process and match the old to the new. Nah! Too many to do,

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