I want to create a reference file from my favorite CD

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I want to create a reference file from my favorite CD

Postby har-bal » Thu Aug 05, 2004 12:12 pm

Below are the steps to create a reference file.

1. Extract any song from a cd and create a wave file
2. Open Har-Bal
3. Load the wave file
4. Go to the directory from where you loaded the song
5. You will find a file with your song name with a (.anl) extension.
6. This can now be used as a reference file in the future.

Try and use the green line as your guide with both the reference and (yoursong) and remember if you are trying to match, don't match across the entire spectrum if your song doesn't take up the whole spectrum. In other words if your song starts at 60hz and your reference starts at 40hz don't try and stretch your song to this area. Otherwise you will pull up frequencies that have been masked.

If you need to alternate between the spectrum lines hold down your left mouse button and press the "tab" key. Most of the time I only have the green and yellow lines on the screen. I usually remove the red line by pressing the red button on the bottom right. The screen is then less cluttered.

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