Har-Bal / Sound Forge Mastering sequence

There are many features of Har-Bal we still haven't discussed in this forum. Below we will start sharing a few items. Please feel free to add yours.

Har-Bal / Sound Forge Mastering sequence

Postby timejunkie » Fri Apr 07, 2006 10:13 am

Hi Everyone,

I am new here.

First let me say that I will be purchasing Har-Bal 2.0 this week. I was very impressed with the demo and the program resolves a real dilema I have had with EQing my "home recorded" compositions. It is the perfect compliment for my current recording set up.

I was wondering if there is a Matering Sequence tutorial available using Sound Forge?
I found the WAVE LAB example very helpful; however I use SF 7.0. The screen shots and step by step approach is great.

Any help would be appreciated.

Great product...keep up the good work.
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