Lipinski Sound

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Lipinski Sound

Postby uncajesse » Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:13 am

Also have to introduce these guys... a family company from Poland...

The "listening evaluation of phonographic recordings" by the way... was when Sony & Philips were testing the copy protection for the DAT standard during the R&D phase. He could hear it (double blind ABX) 100% of the time, a slight noise water-mark on the LSB, the 18th bit!! And that was with very early 1980s DA converters. ;)

He worked on the L-707 speaker for 20 years in his basement workshop before anyone outside of his own family was even allowed to hear it!! Now that's what I call pedigree, and the world's top mastering engineers agree. Many have called it simple the most accurate speaker that has ever been made.

Again, if you have the opportunity to hear ANY configuration of them, don't miss it for the world. Your idea of what is excellent sound will be forever biased from where it is now.
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