Are You a "Marketing-Challenged" Music Producer?

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Are You a "Marketing-Challenged" Music Producer?

Postby Milldavis » Tue Mar 06, 2007 1:13 pm

Are You a "Marketing-Challenged" Music Producer or Studio Owner?

Do you cringe when you hear the word “marketing?”
Do you wish you could bring more clients into your studio each month?
Do you spend more than $200 per month in advertising and not making that money back?
Do you only make money from booking studio time and doing tracks?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, then you could very well be marketing-challenged, but it can be corrected.

Your studio is your baby. You’ve sacrificed sweat, tears and finances to build it the way you wanted it and you are still building it. You most certainly envisioned having steady clientele every week to take care of the costs of running the studio and to generate a steady income from doing something that you love.

Creating music for others is all many of you ever wanted to do. You wait for people to rush to your door or for your phone to start ringing off the hook, but maybe that’s not the case. You know you’ve got skills. When people are not coming to the studio, you can’t make any money because this is the only way many of you know how to make money, right? You put out some advertising, you may get a few people coming here and there…but what happens when you don’t have any clients to create music for?

Contrary to popular belief, music production is NOT the only source of income from your studio, nor is advertising the ONLY way to market your studio's services.

Ever thought of renting your studio out to other producers that don’t have access to equipment as often as they’d like to?
Ever thought of using your expertise to teach a course?

This is only two of the strategies that can be found in the book, Beat-O-Nomics: Marketing for Music Producers - .
Beat-o-nomics has been called the Music Producer's Bible for Marketing ! The authors are currently offering you the chance to READ 3 FREE chapters of the book and for a limited time, earn $$$ from selling the book on your website. It has over 90 pages of useful information, examples and resources to help you overcome your marketing challenges in your business.

Another resource to check out is the Quick and Easy to read report: Music Sellutions™ for Music Producers: Marketing Tips and Extra Ways to Make Money,
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