The Secret To Making Money As a Music Producer

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The Secret To Making Money As a Music Producer

Postby Milldavis » Tue Oct 23, 2007 8:21 pm

Endorsed by Earle Holder, Beat-o-Nomics is the #1 selling resource book for music producers. "This book simplifies the complex maze of the business side of music production to the masses. The information in this book can also serve as a blueprint for other careers. If you are serious about your career as a music producer, you already own this gem."

The book, written by a veteran entertainment writer and music career consultant, has been called "the music producer's bible for marketing,” and has proven to be helpful to music industry entrepreneurs because it filters through the BS and gives you real “sound” advice for making money and getting clients.

The successful release of Beat-o-nomics has caused some controversy within the industry as it reveals some key marketing techniques that larger music studios have been using for years to make money. It helps readers raise their mindsets about their business and gives strategies that, when implemented effectively, will increase clientele and profits. Many readers have given excellent recommendations for the books and have proclaimed it to be one of the best books to read if you are new to the industry, not just as a music producer but in any career.

The authors are proving the success of the book by allowing interested producers and music entrepreneurs access to a FREE 25-page, 3 chapter preview that provides insight on why you don’t have clients, what to do if you are interested in working with major labels, how to find your ideal client and what your clients really want. Also, find out how to make money with the book as an affiliate!

More information can be found at
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