After matching volume, certain parts "crushed"/lowered

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After matching volume, certain parts "crushed"/lowered

Postby EugeneB » Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:08 pm

This is probably a common problem, but I'm looking for any suggestions or tips.

After matching both the EQ and Volume to my Reference track, there are certain parts in my mix that get "crushed" and then immediately "released" when there are fewer elements playing. For example, the Lead Synth by itself sounds loud but when coupled with a Kick-sample, it is audibly softer. The switch/release moment is also audible.

I need to get my mix ready for Har-Bal to raise it transparently without these releases. Any suggestions on what I should look for? For example, do I need to make sure there are no large peaks in my source, that it's already semi-compressed? Or do I need to check the volume of each instrument?
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