Mac OS Sierra and HARBAL

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Mac OS Sierra and HARBAL

Postby thelogic » Wed Sep 21, 2016 6:48 am

For anyone, Has-Bal is not working with Sierra...
Wait for an update
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Re: Mac OS Sierra and HARBAL

Postby HarBal » Tue Sep 27, 2016 8:47 pm

For your information, this is indeed a problem created by Apple! In their original implementation of sliders the determination of whether it is vertical or horizontal was done automatically by observing whether the height was greater than the width. They have now altered the behaviour so that you have to explicitely say whether it is vertical or horizontal and it defaults to horizontal. Thus, the vertical sliders in your current version of Har-Bal are horizontal when run on Sierra which is why you can't control them.

I will make a maintenance build to fix this but it would be a whole lot better if Apple could refrain from breaking shit! I'll let you know when it is available but it is unlikely to be available no earlier than a few weeks from now as I'm currently on holiday.


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Mac OS Sierra and HARBAL

Postby HarBal » Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:02 pm

We have just released a maintenance build for Har-Bal 3.0. This was necessitated by the release of MacOS Sierra in which Apple has broken the default behaviour of sliders from their previous OS release.

In the past when sliders were created they were initialised as vertical or horizontal based on the aspect of the control. In the current release sliders are always created as horizontal unless explicitly flagged otherwise. The upshot of this change by Apple is that if you run Har-Bal 3.0 release 8 on Sierra the vertical sliders will be uncontrollable because although they look vertical Sierra has made them horizontal. Har-Bal 3.0 release 9 fixes this issue and some other minor issues plus adds a solo button.

To download this build go to and log in with your customer name and order number.

To install on Mac just extract the application bundle from the download by double clicking it and put the application in the folder of your choice or the desktop. On running for the first time do so by right mouse click and open menu, then press the open button.

To install on Windows please uninstall the previous version 3 build or install to a different folder than the default. Be aware that on some machines we have seen a situation where after shutting down Har-Bal 3 the program is left hanging for a long period in the startup code. To all intents and purposes the application is closed but you cannot delete the HarBal.exe because it is still appears in Task Managers process list although Task Manager cannot kill the process because it isn't in a running state. If this issue occurs then on your machine then the simplest solution is to re-boot the machine. We'd love to resolve this issue although we haven't been able to track down the cause and the debugger is no help as it cannot attach to the stalled process.

News on the version 3.7 front is that the code is ready to ship but I'm still working on new documentation (in the form of demonstration videos) to explain how to use it. This is necessary because the new feature of complex time selection / peak taming is a non-trivial one that would in all likelihood be completely misunderstood without a detailed demonstration of its uses and pitfalls. I will be using the opportunity to cover other key areas of Har-Bal as well.

Although I did originally plan to release earlier this year the whole process got delayed through the discovery of some major design flaws that needed urgent fixing. We've taken the liberty to ensure that we release quality product rather than a compromised one which will need urgent maintenance releases.

Thanks for your patience.

Paavo Jumppanen.
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