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Copyright Notice and Licence Agreement

Copyright(C) 1999-2011 Paavo Jumppanen - All rights reserved. This software is subject to the terms of the licence agreement hereafter. This software may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Purchasing a licence does not mean purchasing the software. The software remains the sole property of Paavo Jumppanen.

Licence Agreement

This agreement explains when and how you may use the software products obtained from us. In this agreement:

we or us means Paavo Jumppanen;

Program means the software product(s) developed by Paavo Jumppanen you have purchased, including both the software and the associated documentation and other materials;

Evaluation Period means a period of 30 days from the date of purchase of said products;

Key refers to the unique registration key we issue to you after installing and first running the Program;

Temporary Key refers to a key that will expire 60 days after the date it was issued;

Permanent Key refers to a key that never expires;

Money Back Period refers to a period of 30 days from the date of purchase during which a full refund will be granted;

You means the end user of the Program.

This is a legal agreement which grants you, the end user, permission to use the Program under the terms and conditions as set out below. If you cannot agree to abide by this agreement then you should not use this Program.

The Program is fully protected by copyright under U.S. law and international treaty provisions.

Terms and Conditions

1) License Keys, both temporary and permanent, are bound to the computer they are installed on. You are entitled to 3 new keys in any given calender year to cater for upgrading of computers and hardware.

2) 3 new keys per year does not grant you permission to install the software on as many machines as you have keys. We grant you permission to install the software on no more than 2 computers for each license you own. If you need to install on more than 2 computers then you will need to purchase extra licenses.

3) Isuing more keys than 3 in any given calendar year is at our discretion and will not normally be allowed.

4) On initial purchase when requesting a new key, you will be issued with a Temporary key that expires in 60 days from the date of issue. If you agree to keep the software and do not request a refund in the money back period then you will be granted a Permanent key. If you request a refund in the money back period you must uninstall any copies of the software that you have installed and you will not be issued with a permanent key.

5) Under no circumstances may you publish or distribute the software, or the means to access the software from our server, to anyone other than the license holder. If you do, your license to use the Program is automatically terminated and you must remove the software from your computer(s), and you may be liable for legal damages.

We cannot promise that the Program will be free of bugs or program errors, but if you report a program error or bug to us, we will do our best to correct it.

Disclaimer: except as stated above, we disclaim any and all warranties, express or implied, oral or written, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Limitation of Liability: in no event shall we be liable for any incidental, consequential, or punitive damages whatsoever arising out of use of the program or your relationship with us. In no case will we ever be liable for more than the price you paid for the Program. Note that some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of liability for incidental or consequential damages, therefore the above limitation may not apply in these circumstances.

Installing and using this software is taken as acceptance of the terms and conditions of this license. If you do not agree with this licence you MUST NOT install and use this software. Instead you should return the software, in full, in exchange for a full refund.