James Durham

Hi Earle,

You and I talked back and forth several months ago and I mentioned I would buy your Har-Bal filter…. well, I did buy it, and I used it to help me master my latest self-released, self-recorded album. It helped me take average mixes and improve them slightly so they sound better on more speakers. Definitely worth the money. I’m not an expert yet, and I still have a long way to go to get my mixes exactly the way I want them, but Har-Bal did help me out quite a bit. My mixes would not have been even at the humble level they’re at without it. Thanks for the great product!

Take care and I’ll make sure to contact you again in the near future. Feel free to update my testimonial (James Durham ION1.COM Multimedia Development) with a link to my album — all of the final mixes on this album went through Har-Bal at some point in the mastering process:


Best Regards,
James Durham
ION1.COM Multimedia Development

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