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To whomever this may concern, I am having an issue with my purchase of Har-Bal 3.0. It seems that my license is being denied or my order is not being acknowledged.

Do you mean that the software was working and now claims to be unlicensed or the software has only now been used and claims to be unlicensed? In the former this may happen if you happen to disable you network card and run Har-Bal. The key will then be invalidated and you’ll need to re-install the key (when the network card is enable) to have it work again. Also, if you change the network device or main hard drive volume name the license binding may also become invalid, in which case you need to re-create the license.

For new installs the same applies, so you should be able to remedy the problem by re-creating and installing a new license key using the credentials from your invoice, namely:

Just make sure that there are no leading or trailing spaces in the name and order number fields as this will cause the request to fail. I’ve checked and you have enough license activations left to do so.