Thirds in D minor : An Example use of Har-Bal Synthetic Space VST and AU Plugin

Ages ago I did a rudimentary improvisation with my limited guitar skills and my Lag Tramontane steel string acoustic guitar that is basically descending thirds with a tuning of D minor (strings tuned to D-A-D-F-A-D). It was recording with a 1 inch condenser mic in my small room at about 1 metre from the sound hole, no EQ and purely mono. Excusing my failings as a guitarist, it serves as a useful example of how Synthetic Space (an AU and VST reverb plugin) sounds. Here are three different mp3s illustrating that point although I should add that I have added a small degree of compression to the guitar track to raise the overall level.

Thirds in D minor – straight

Thirds in D minor – with Synthetic Space

Thirds in D minor – Synthetic Space Only

Har-Bal Synthetic Space Settings

To my ear the realised space the guitar is playing in sounds natural and would be hard to distinguish from a rendition in a real auditorium of similar size and reverberation characteristics. I only ask that you listen through headphones or a decent stereo as the effect will be completely lost on phone or tablet speakers.

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