Derek aka kaom

When I first discovered Reason (by Propellerheads) I was blown away. Prior to that moment I’d been a hardware fan and a reluctant software user (mainly sequencer).

Then a few years went past. A couple of nice software packages came about, but nothing spectacular (mainly VST/VSTi, but *very* CPU hungry!).

Then I stumbled across Har Bal at some music forum. The person describing Har Bal hadn’t used it but was curious and wondered if anyone else had tried/seen it. To me it made perfect sense and seemed like it was the “missing link” to my set up.

Like a lot of semi pros I suffer from too much bass/treble in the mix and have all kinds of EQing problems. But with Har Bal all those problems are gone. And I mean “all”. When I explain how good this program is to other potential users I let them know that it’s the equivalent of having a recording engineer with the best ears in the biz with you 24/7. Or like someone’s taken their fingers out of my ears and now I can hear my mixes with so much more clarity.

Har Bal is up there with Reason as being a life changer in the way I can make music.

I salute all of you at Har bal and wish you success.

Derek aka kaom

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