Joe Pedi

There is an “old school” consensus that a mix needs to be mastered at traditional mastering houses where those with the “golden ears” can do their magic. This has unfortunately been true for the most part because the tools were just not available to do the same job at home or wherever there is a computer. Like any other groundbreaking product, Har-Bal changes the rules of the game by making a good mix dependant NOT on the “golden ears” of seasoned pro’s in the mastering business, but by anybody with a computer.

With Har-Bal the ears are working with our eyes. It is much easier to see where a mix needs adjustment than to trust the ears. Anybody can use this program on any source material and within seconds start improving the subtle dynamics in a mix that would take a set of “golden ears” many hours AND quite a lot of expensive equipment to accomplish. Har-Bal is an idea whose time has “finally” come.

Joe Pedi

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