Try Har-Bal Now “how to guide”

All Har-Bal software is now available for uninhibited demonstration for a period of 60 days from the day of request. The Process Downloading and Installing To obtain a demonstration license click [...]

Har-Bal Spatial Pan Help

Welcome to Har-Bal Spatial Pan, the plugin software that introduces a new approach to pan placement in mixing. Manual Introduction Downloading and Installing Control Panel Overview Usage Overview [...]

Har-Bal Spatial Pan

HarBal Spatial Pan is fundamentally about creating early reflections at contextually appropriate levels to imply a given geometry. In conventional recording early reflections are typically [...]

Har-Bal Multiband Gate Help

Welcome to Har-Bal Multiband Gate, the plugin software that introduces multiband gating to significantly reduce the impacts of recorded noise with minimal processing artifacts. Manual [...]

Har-Bal Multiband Gate

Both historically and in the contemporary environment, recorded noise presents many problems. To a large degree this has been combatted with the use of noise gating. Whilst this works well it has [...]

Har-Bal Wide Pan VST, VST3 and AU Plugin (free)

Perhaps as many as ten years ago I had a realization regarding why things like stereo wide, and mid side processing can widen the stereo image beyond the angle of separation of the speakers [...]

Summer Project – Bass Guitar Cabinet (and Amp Eventually)

I’m very much in summer holiday mode at the moment and simply aren’t in the mood to do coding development, despite the myriad of ideas running around in my head pertinent to that end. [...]

An Alternate Piano Temperament that Appears to Work for the Common Scales of Western Music

To cut a long story short, I tune my own piano but the temperament of the tuning is not the commonly used “Equal Temperament”. It is significantly different and to my ear at least, [...]

Thirds in D minor : An Example use of Har-Bal Synthetic Space VST and AU Plugin

Ages ago I did a rudimentary improvisation with my limited guitar skills and my Lag Tramontane steel string acoustic guitar that is basically descending thirds with a tuning of D minor (strings [...]

Introduction to Har-Bal Synthetic Space, an AU and VST reverb plugin

For the last 6 months or more I have diligently been working away at developing a new class of room reverberation plugin called Har-Bal Synthetic Space and is now nearing release. As a taster for [...]

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