Where should I do most of my processing in Har-Bal 3.0

Generally speaking, you should confine most of your processing to the mid view. In this view the filter changes you make are applied to both mid and side channels simultaneously which is [...]

Hi, I bought Har-bal not to long ago and paid $175, now I see it is $125. Is it possible you can match the price and refund the difference?

Price matching will be honored only if the customer makes a request within 14 days of purchase.

I run a recording studio in South America, and became very interested in Har-Bal for doing “client mix versions” before sending the material to the mastering facility. Is there any Demo Version which I can test so I can verify if it will fulfill what I need?

There is a demo player application with filters to demonstrate the capabilities of Har-Bal that you can obtain below: https://www.har-bal.com/example-filters If you want to be able to demo it on [...]

To whomever this may concern, I am having an issue with my purchase of Har-Bal 3.0. It seems that my license is being denied or my order is not being acknowledged.

Do you mean that the software was working and now claims to be unlicensed or the software has only now been used and claims to be unlicensed? In the former this may happen if you happen to [...]

I downloaded my purchase onto a friend’s computer and saved it to a zip drive to put into my XP studio computer. When I got it into my XP computer, it says I need a license key and it says that I have no Network card. What does that mean?

If you want to run Har-Bal you must have an active network device on the computer. We use it for licensing purposes. That does not mean you need to be connected to the internet. If you [...]

I bought my Upgrade in January 2012 and often have the problem that I always need a new license to start Har-Bal but now I got a new one and there is a big problem because I can´t start the play engine after I tried the first error message is “Failed driver begin play operation” after the second try the message is “Failed to open driver”. I tried to check my preferences but all things are fine and ok and it works with other programs…

You are running an old version which had quite a few issues fixed in it. My first suggestion is to immediately download and install the latest version of the software, Har-Bal 3.0 release 4, [...]

I have both the 32bit and 64bit versions on my machine and Har-Bal 3.0 is not working.

You can only install one or the other. You cannot have both versions on the same machine.

I just reinstalled Har-Bal 3.0 on my new machine and my old Har-Bal 3.0 license is not working.

When you reinstall Har-Bal 3.0 you will be prompted to create or install a license. Please choose “Create a license”, and follow the instructions.

Do you have any sample videos I can view?

All videos are located in the Har-Bal forum.

Would you be so nice and share some Mid-Side tips to give “life” to a mono lead vocal (using your Har-Bal AIR feature)?

By definition, a mono track has no side component so mid-side processing can do nothing for you. All that you can do is to stereo’ise it using cross-coupled ambiance to simulate a space. In [...]

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