Why Too Much Limiting is a Bad Thing

Removing Inter-Sample Overs from the Har-Bal Limiter

Inter-sample overs is something of a mis-understood issue that need not be an issue but it depends upon how format conversion interfaces, including but not restricted to digital to analog [...]

A Late Christmas

Leading up to Christmas last year my eldest daughter was putting together her wish list and asking me if I could get her a bluetooth speaker system. Looking at the prices and the quality of the [...]

Loudspeaker Design Criticism

I have received some detailed criticism on my loudspeaker design because of my choice of a vented enclosure. The basis of the criticism is that vented enclosures can have poor transient response [...]

Loudspeaker System Design: The Final Details

As promised much too long ago, here are the detailed plans and bill of materials to construct my new loudspeaker system. The PCB (printed circuit board) layout bitmaps are (or at least should be) [...]

When Loudness Wars visit why mp3’s Sound Better than CD’s

It must have been sometime last year during my epic loudspeaker design project (in testing phase) that I noticed, to my shock, that when I played “Something For Kate’s” track [...]

Loudspeaker System Design – More Performance Measurements

In my previous frequency response measurements posted for the unfinished prototypes I inadvertently had the woofer wired in the wrong phase leading to a deep notch in the crossover point between [...]

Loudspeaker System Design – Completion and Listening Evaluation

Construction to Completion Making the loudspeaker cabinets “unfinished” was easy, perhaps two days work. Actually giving them a stylish finish is much more time consuming. The MDF [...]

Loudspeaker System Design : The Moment of Truth

The elaborate processes I’ve used in designing this loudspeaker system counts for nothing if not realised in a concrete form. Out of extreme curiousity as to whether this labour will pay [...]

Loudspeaker System Design : Box Tuning

As I alluded to if you happened to read (or at least skim) through the paper I wrote discussing loudspeaker theory, the tuning of a vented enclosure can be optimised by measuring the impedance of [...]