Thirds in D minor : An Example use of Har-Bal Synthetic Space

Ages ago I did a rudimentary improvisation with my limited guitar skills and my Lag Tramontane steel string acoustic guitar that is basically descending thirds with a tuning of D minor (strings [...]

Introduction to Har-Bal Synthetic Space

For the last 6 months or more I have diligently been working away at developing a new class of room reverberation plugin called Har-Bal Synthetic Space and is now nearing release. As a taster for [...]

Loudspeaker Crossover MkII

Evaluating Combined Room / Monitor Performance

Mastering the track “Топлесс – Анатомия души”

In this video I master the track Топлесс – Анатомия души by Yury Kisel which he kindly submitted to us. This track is a good example of shifting tonal balance throughout the track. This [...]

Mastering the track “Everest”

In this video I master the track Everest by Vitaliy Borysyuk which he kindly submitted to us. If you have a track you would like help in mastering then please submit it to our submission page [...]

Why Too Much Limiting is a Bad Thing

Removing Inter-Sample Overs from the Har-Bal Limiter

Inter-sample overs is something of a mis-understood issue that need not be an issue but it depends upon how format conversion interfaces, including but not restricted to digital to analog [...]

A Late Christmas

Leading up to Christmas last year my eldest daughter was putting together her wish list and asking me if I could get her a bluetooth speaker system. Looking at the prices and the quality of the [...]

Loudspeaker Design Criticism

I have received some detailed criticism on my loudspeaker design because of my choice of a vented enclosure. The basis of the criticism is that vented enclosures can have poor transient response [...]