Paddi Addison


You’ve achieved not one, but two firsts in the world:

  1. A computer program that does what it says it does.
  2. Software sold that doesn’t promise to enlarge your XXXXX.

The first of these must be regarded as a plus. I’ve owned your program for approximately 48 hrs. In a considerably shorter time than that I have managed to:

  1. Make three tracks (which I previously wasn’t happy with) sound great.
  2. Make a horribly cat-like DI Violin sound like a violin.

I would suggest you feature the latter on your web site: your program is good for more than mastering.

This violin. I had no choice in the initial sound – it was a live recording with no possibility of later replacement. It sounded dreadful. I’m sure you know. Ten minutes of frequency sculpting later – just filling in troughs and smoothing out peaks – it sounded like a violin! A real one!

Faults of this program:
The violin player still couldn’t play. Can you fix that?

Many Thanks for a program that is going to be really useful.

Best Regards,
Paddi Addison.

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