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I don’t usually do this but I wanted to let people know about this really great mastering tool.

After recording in Korg D16, exporting the wave files into my computer and mixing and mastering with N-Track studio, there is one more step I take which makes my songs perfect. I use something called Har-Bal.

This is a way to adjust the sound spectrum using a visual interface. It has produced remarkable results for me. You can set up filters for EQ, use reference audio from any type of CD and then adjust your settings to match the reference CD. The visual interface makes it very easy to use.

Once you have a good sound you record the mix and it adjusts your original file and makes a copy with the added adjustments.

The key of course to good recording is having a good source, hot levels, no distortion. In the Korg D16, I kept my source levels between -12 and -4 db. Once I exported the wave files I made sure that most eq adjustments in the NTrack were subtractions which allows me to boost where I need the extra punch. Less is best. The N-Track combined with a bunch of cool plugins mixes and masters the sound but the extra ability to then take the completed wave mix from the NTrack lets me polish this to sound like a commercial CD. Har-Bal was selling for $99 when I purchased it a few months ago. I have no affiliation with them but can tell you they are very responsive to questions. They even called me from Australia (I’m in So Cal) to make sure I received the link to the license code they sent. Great customer service and a ton of sound knowledge there.

Go here to listen to “Inner” or “You Are the One” both begun in D16 and finished with Har-Bal