Byron Santo

Besides mastering, I also use HB on EVERY backing track for my band. It ensures our audience gets the best experience from our live performance and provides the best quality in ear monitor [...]

Chuck McDowell

Clarke’s third law says “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. That is what you have done! Chuck McDowell

Donald Harris

All I can say is wow!!! Witness the restoration of an old song “Shake that Body Music” I recorded/released in the mid 1980’s. This demonstration of the Har-bal 3.0 software proves [...]

Jordan Vesteyo

I just purchased Har-Bal, based on the SOS review. It’s awesome and deceivingly simple to use, this will be used extensively here on all of our future projects and for retouching past [...]

Joe Pedi

There is an “old school” consensus that a mix needs to be mastered at traditional mastering houses where those with the “golden ears” can do their magic. This has [...]

Derek aka kaom

When I first discovered Reason (by Propellerheads) I was blown away. Prior to that moment I’d been a hardware fan and a reluctant software user (mainly sequencer). Then a few years went [...]

Mill Davis

It IS just as easy as it looks…can you imagine something this simple., This is unheard of, especially at this price! Har-bal is definitely going to change the game for the independent music [...]

CJC Music

Earle and Paavo, I am truly amazed by this product. My music is riding in a Bentley on Yugo Dollars. I’m telling all my friends to check out this software. For anyone that can read and use [...]

Paddi Addison

Hi, You’ve achieved not one, but two firsts in the world: A computer program that does what it says it does. Software sold that doesn’t promise to enlarge your XXXXX. The first of [...]


I don’t usually do this but I wanted to let people know about this really great mastering tool. After recording in Korg D16, exporting the wave files into my computer and mixing and [...]

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