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How come this program doesn’t look like a hardware component? I want to be able to change skins from time to time.

It is common place for audio related software tools to concentrate on appearances to the extent that many such products would seem to be imitating hardware products.

Our view is that the standard computer user interface devices (keyboard and mouse) offer the possibility of new, more efficient means of user control of audio applications that haven’t been fully exploited. We believe that our software should stand on its own merit and excel as software, not try and imitate hardware.

Perhaps we may investigate “skins” for Har-Bal in the future but it is not a priority. Our priority is providing the best possible functionality and usability we can provide and to this end keeping up with appearances would simply take resources away from this aim.

To a large degree “skins” and other appearance technologies are more about product differentiation rather than real performance gains. While we have product differentiation through performance and capability do we really need to invest in “skins”?