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Richard Harrison

Dear Paavo


I just installed your HAR-BAL and used it on a couple of songs I have been killing myself over on a really nice jazz album that I tracked and mixed and mastered last month. Those two tunes were the bane of my life..thinish and the bass was just plain weird. I spent maybe 10 hours on those two pieces remixing, remastering over and over, trying to bring them into line with the rest (which I didn’t charge the clients for because I thought it was something I felt I needed to solve myself), but I was still unsatisfied with the results.

I have been dragging my feet in producing the final master. Then comes HAR–BAL…and in 15 minutes without knowing diddly about the program these two tunes are solid.

Thanks so much! Mastering some songs was a mystery, an almost endless do-loop, coupled with dozens of CDs burned and tried in every place I knew to get a final perfect master.

Things are going to be a lot happier around Grass Shack Records from now on.

Richard Harrison

PS: Feel free to use my heartfelt comments on your site. And keep me informed on your new upgrades. I would love to see you guys make this as a plugin as an analysis tool on a track to help to see the spectral energy in a track in mixing situations. See, you have me dreaming!