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Hello Earle and Paavo,

I’ve spent 17 months cramming my head with any knowledge I could find in order to master how to use PT8 LE. Before that I spent 3 years on a little Boss Roland Recorder. Just two months ago, I made a rather major purchase of the Waves Platinum Bundle all in an effort to take my Music to the next level of the process called Mastering. Thanks to the “Tough Love” Email from Earle, I wished I could now give him a hug (“But my arms aren’t that long!”) for Paavo and he having come up with the idea to create Har-Bal (The Harmonic Balancer) that gives one a visual way to adjust their songs.

If this sounds like it is going to be a testimony for Har-Bal you’re darn toot-in right, it is! But, better than that, it is about two people that have been so helpful. In so many industries today, you don’t find many people who are so willing to help you through your quest to make better recorded music.

Since, they may want to use this as a part of one of their testimony’s and remain free to deal with each individual as they see fit ,I won’t go into great detail or make any promises about the help you’ll receive, although, I hope what I have to say does equate into many more sales for Har-Bal as I have now become a believer in it. Amongst, the many DAW software I’ve bought, this is one that would be hard to pry away from me! And, “WOW” what a bargain!

I will tell you that I was needlessly (rather ignorantly) compressing the hell out of my music to the point of it becoming “Stale creamed corn!” in order to make it fit within the transient parameters of many different speaker systems and had come to the place of feeling no hope for my music! Earle helped me with a tough love message that really hit home and then was so patient and willing to help create a reference model that I was able to use in Har-Bal that literally revolutionized my music. My 17 months of knowledge was worth only one thing. I now, know 2,000 ways to not make a light bulb (Thomas Edison). Earle’s simple paper on Mastering associated with Har-bal was so helpful especially in the set up and settings within the master chain (A must read!). He caused me to go back and remix one of my songs with almost no compression. I then took the reference file model he helped me with and put it into Har-Bal, took my remix and shaped it to the reference file, turned on the EQ and Air filters and recorded it to file. I put the HB eq’d file into my mastering session, bounced it and “WOW”! You name it, I had never before done a song that had translated so well sound wise in relationship to whatever was playing it (CD or File!)

It may sound like I’m trying to sell you on these guys, (Earle and Paavo) and you’d be right. Most people that I know, that have a great product get puffed up and have an arrogance about them. If you feel stupid and actually are, these guys won’t let on that they think you are as well! I received nothing but patient humble help and I wish nothing but blessings upon these gentlemen and their wonderful tool of a program that has brought alive my music.


R. M.